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  1. I'm gonna hype my own band here for a second... Bandcamp - https://criticalhit1.bandcamp.com/releases Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/criticalhitbrooklinpunk/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel If you could Like and Share that would be greatly appreciated... Cheers!
  2. Done by Greg Woodrow, Taunton Tattoos - Oshawa ON Canada
  3. Forearm filler and a Snakehead Done by Greg Woodrow - Taunton Tattoo Co, Oshawa ON, Canada
  4. Done by Greg Woodrow - Taunton Tattoo Co. Oshawa Ontario Canada
  5. Done by - Mike Bialek, Okey Doke Tattoo Toronto ON & Trophy Tattoo Hamilton ON
  6. 1981


    Checking in to say hi, I've followed this board for a year or so, but have never posted.
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