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  1. i was told to leave bandage on for 1 hour, remove wash, no ointment till next day, sleep on stomach. Next day I'm supposed to wash very gently with anti-bacterical soap, air dry, put on very little ointment (only when it feels like its pulling). No fragrance body washes, and wash hair upside down when using shampoo for a week, because shampoo has chemicals that can lift the ink, also no heavy sweating for a week. Thats what i was told, but thanks for everyones help! I can't wait to have a healthy, healed tattoo!
  2. so does it look like it bled or no? I'm just confused :)
  3. Hey, so newbie here! I just got my first 2 tattoos last night, best decision ever! However I'm just a little concerned with how it looks today. I have one on my arm and the other on my neck, the arm one is spot on, no problems. However the neck one im not so sure. After keeping the bandage on for an hour i took it off, washed it gently and moisturized very very minimally. No bleeding occurred and i was up and checking it till midnight. This morning however, i have ink on my pillow case and it looks like the tattoo bled? Or I'm wondering if its just ink that pushed out and the ointment lifted i
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