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  1. terriblyhandsome

    Cover up ideas or ways to fix it

    Two sessions 3 hrs each.
  2. terriblyhandsome

    Cover up ideas or ways to fix it

    Maybe I'm thinking way too hard. Well then if that's the case I gotta start looking into a new piece. Thanks gents appreciate the feedback.
  3. terriblyhandsome

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    Geometric Dragon
  4. terriblyhandsome

    Cover up ideas or ways to fix it

    So I got this dragon tattoo and I ended up dissatisfied with it I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to change it or fix l. Also if anyone knows any great artist in san diego let me know. imgur: the simple image sharer
  5. terriblyhandsome

    Hey Y'all

    I agree. I think that's what I'm going to end up doing I really don't like how this dragon came out.
  6. terriblyhandsome

    Hey Y'all

    The website says he's not there, so no I'm not too sure. I'm trying to get a Asian dragon. Originally I wanted a geometric eastern dragon, but this is what came out
  7. terriblyhandsome

    Hey Y'all

    He's no longer there, but looking at their tattoos they still seem like talented artist. - - - Updated - - - Actually I found this http://www.454tattoo.com/gallery.html#Brad can anyone give some feedback of what they think of his portfolio
  8. terriblyhandsome

    Hey Y'all

    So I know I'm new here but I wanted to know if anyone knew any good artist on oceanside ca