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  1. Fossil

    Tattoo Problem From 1970... Gives me Concerns

    Ha, Nice to know, that others were going through the same stuff. Thanks for your reply, Ill wait, for these abrasions to heal, before talking to anyone.
  2. Fossil

    Tattoo Problem From 1970... Gives me Concerns

    Ok , Thanks for the prompt response, will do.
  3. Hi All. Back in 1970, a friend of mine, had a tattoo done on his forearm. It was some sort of Chinese Dragon, and the colors were fantastic. Fortunately for me, before I could get the same, his arm sort of exploded with an infection. So he ended up, with a multi colored scar, and was nearly thrown out of army training, as in those days, they called it a self inflicted wound. Ok I realize now, things are a lot different, and I am 60. It is difficult for me to forget what happened to my mate, back in the 70s, but now i have the added problem, that just a heavy rucksack strap, sliding down my arm, can cause skin tears & bleeding of my forearm. I would very much like 3 runes done on my forearm: Othil : for my family & spiritual inheritance. Raido : for my travels through life. & Tiwaz : for my military service. However, as said, assuming there is no infection , will skin tears, mess up the symbols ? I am only talking about simple black runes. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks