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    I've been tattooing in the twin cities for ten years. I'm only as good as my last tattoo.
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    Minneapolis, MN
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    Drawing to paint the tattoo
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  12. This is starting off as a really hospitable forum. So, first and foremost let me start off by saying....Thanks!, thanks for having me!! My name is J.Christopher Schanche. My friends have always called me Lefty or Jay. I have been tattooing for a solid ten years now in the twin cities, Minneapolis, Saint Paul area of Minnesota. I currently work at Northeast Tattoo with a great crew. I'm all about my family and have been married for 8yrs to my lovely wife Rebecca. I look forward to seeing where sharing our ideas and hard work takes us on this forum..... Tattooing has been very good to me, with love for the tattoo and respect, ~Lefty p.s. I will get on posting some pictures up as soon I can...