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  1. i have recently moved to a small mountain town because felt like i was loosing balance with everything, career, kid, my girl, all of it. i made a move for life style change for the first time in my career. i am the type of person where my environment feeds my lifestyle. living and working in the big cities and the super busy shops just kept my mind there. work work work, thats all i thought about. i gained a lot of weight and my overall attitude became more jaded. i needed the slower pace of life in a smaller town. i took a small pay cut at first but im in a college town and im building clients fast. around here everything shuts down early. if i was to stay at the shop until midnight i would be bored out my mind. things move slower here and i love it. i tell my friends that this is my first retirement because i took the rains and decided to make life what i want. i have worked the 80 hour weeks, i have lived out of my pelican cases for months, i have made the sacrifices to be successful and now i make my schedule, i tell my clients no (sometimes ). i make time for my kid, i make time for my girl, i make time to take care of the shops needs other then tattooing and drawing. but the bottom line is we are our own bosses and yes most of us are hustlers but we have the power to make life what we want it to be. what a great life to be a tattooer!

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