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    my name is Greg Kinnamon, i have been a tattooer for 10, started in boulder co, in the late 90'S but didn't get a real apprenticeship until 2001 in biloxi ms, finished it in hattiesburg ms in 2003, struck out on my own shortly after that. moved a bit, worked in few different shops including eternal etchings, cape may nj, and psycho tattoo in atlanta. in 2009 i opened speakeasy tattoo co. in boone nc. it was always my goal to have a shop in a quite mountain town with a great little college, and here i am! the shop is a dream come true for me and i have made it a great work space for myself and the artists that work here.
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    boone nc
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    tattooing of course but i all so enjoy mountain bikes, skiing and good food.
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    father, loyal boyfriend, boss and dedicated tattooer

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  1. I did a guest spot in Canada a few years ago a when I got there they gave me some bullshit shirts with whack ass letters on it and said you need to sport it like everyone else, my exact words where "fuck that" I have not busted my ass in this industry for 10+ years for someone to tell me what to wear. If an employee of mine came in looking like warmed up garbage and smelling like shit then we have a problem, but a uniform, get real. Wear a suit, wear a black tshrit, shit wear a fucking toga, just do good work and wash you ass!
  2. Super nasty roses! Loving the muted tones throughout. Very nice painting.
  3. my favorite clients are the ones the bring me food! i tattoo a bunch of chiefs, as do most tattooers these days but they know how to get in good i tell you!
  4. If you've only been drawing for a few months you really need to consider what dari said, you have a better chance at becoming a doctor. The kids that get good apprenticeships these days have art school backrounds and are very lucky to even get an apprenticeship. For the most part good tattooers have closed the doors to people seeking apprenticeships. Too many people watching tv think they can just get in and be famous like that. This craft takes years and years of serious sacrifice and dedication before you can even support yourself. Good luck!
  5. Really enjoyed viewing your portfolio, super nice work.

  6. The grey in the hair is a great touch. Very nice tattoos, respect!
  7. i have recently moved to a small mountain town because felt like i was loosing balance with everything, career, kid, my girl, all of it. i made a move for life style change for the first time in my career. i am the type of person where my environment feeds my lifestyle. living and working in the big cities and the super busy shops just kept my mind there. work work work, thats all i thought about. i gained a lot of weight and my overall attitude became more jaded. i needed the slower pace of life in a smaller town. i took a small pay cut at first but im in a college town and im building clients fast. around here everything shuts down early. if i was to stay at the shop until midnight i would be bored out my mind. things move slower here and i love it. i tell my friends that this is my first retirement because i took the rains and decided to make life what i want. i have worked the 80 hour weeks, i have lived out of my pelican cases for months, i have made the sacrifices to be successful and now i make my schedule, i tell my clients no (sometimes ). i make time for my kid, i make time for my girl, i make time to take care of the shops needs other then tattooing and drawing. but the bottom line is we are our own bosses and yes most of us are hustlers but we have the power to make life what we want it to be. what a great life to be a tattooer!
  8. laser technology has improved a lot over the last few years, im sure jinxproof could fill you in a little better on that. i would have loved to had my laser work done by a tattooer who could work with me on the cover-up and laser process together.the laws in the south have changed in the last few years and the require doctors to operate the lasers witch drives up the price. $200 is a great deal!
  9. gotta do what you want. i have done pansies, i have done dozens of different types of flowers. its all about getting what you want and fuck the rest. just do your research and find a good tattooer. reference is key a lot of time. the better the reference the better the results as long as your with a qualified tattooer.
  10. thanks for the welcomes, door is open anytime you guys find yourselves in the hood. boone has changed a lot in the last few years, im sure you would enjoy it as much now, if not more than you did before. and lochlan im glad i wont be the only foodie posting pics of food on a tattoo forum site.
  11. I had great results lasering a large piece I wanted covered-up. Every tattooer I consulted about the cover-up gave it a huge sigh before they told me they weren't interested. I decided that I didn't want to wake up in 20 years with a huge ugly, obvious cover-up and wish I would have spent the money on the laser and ended up with whatever I wanted. It was very painful but I found the results were awesome. I went to a board certified dermatologist, who has malpractice insurance, and couldn't be happier. The black is the easiest to remove as well. Consider it, you'll be better for it!
  12. found the site yesterday and cant stop exploring it. since i moved from atlanta where i was working for dean cook i have felt a little removed form the tattoo community. can feel really remote up here in the mountains of north carolina at times. this site is a real life line for tattooers like me who are a little removed from the big tattoo meccas. thanks for this site fellas, i really look forward to getting in some of this awesome groups and interacting with you all in the forums, respect to all.
  13. this dude loves nyc
  14. the g-n-r sleeve
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