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  1. sweet, thanks kev! i was thinking $100, so i wasn't too far off...kylesa rules, one of my favorites.
  2. so, i have been commissioned to do some t-shirt designs form a friends band, and she wants to know how much i charge. honestly , i don't know what to tell her. in the past, i have done some similar work for people, but i did not charge them because i was just focused on getting my work seen. but these days i am so busy, i can not afford to work for free. is there anybody out there who does this type of freelance work and could suggest how much to charge for each design? i think i will be doing three different shirts for them. also, the band's name is CASTLE, from sf,ca. on prosthetic records
  3. thanks guys for all of your understanding, support and kind words. it really means a lot. yes, the mass exodus was a voluntary one on their part. and i know they are really enjoying their new positions elsewhere and are continuing to learn more and expand their crafts everyday. i wish them the best of luck. i do use facebook daily, and i know i really need to get up to speed with modern marketing techniques, and i do want to view myself as a business and hustle. although, i can't afford an i phone at the moment unfortunately, or else i would be on instagram with everybody else. i know i am
  4. hello ladies and germs. my name is g. and i am in a bit of a quandary about the future of my tattoo career. i am curious to know what some of you(tattooers especially), may think about my situation and if you care to share your advice with me? i have been on this site long enough to know that this is not the place for another "help with an apprenticeship" story. but i feel this may be a lil' different. so if you have a minute, please let me plead my case. and sorry in advance for the long post. so, today marks my 1 year anniversary as an apprentice at a shop here in california. i am very exc
  5. this is great! i am an apprentice at goldfield's, and i have really been enjoying my time there and i am learning a lot. i'm not sure if i was there when you dropped in, but i took a look at your flash sheets, which were rad! they will look good on up on the wall, once we get to re-doing it. henry was stoked you brought them by too. that flash sheet of henry's is my favorite one that i've seen by him, it's so rad! and painted the year i was born. the lower right design is a must have for me! let me know if you plan to stop by again, and thanks for sharing!
  6. man, this thing is just fucking perfect in every way! so rad.
  7. my lady and i made it out. it was our first time out together since having our son 8 months ago. i missed the tattoo 13/temple show and was bumbed. i really enjoyed this show a lot, all of the work was REALLY cool. "new shit has come to light" by scott and nick's work were so f'n rad man. i feel fortunate to be living here and to have the opportunity to see shows like this, i was stoked!
  8. i second that! welcome paul!

  9. phillipe's dude! Home page any shitty looking corner mexican place in downtown l.a. or s.d. is usually the best thing in the world. and of course, roscoe's chicken and waffles in hollywood.
  10. i love art man! i always loved drawing and arts as a kid. once i started noticing tattoos, i instantly knew i wanted my own. seeing them on older people, punks and gang members always intrigued me and helped me realize the power of personal freedom and empowerment. after i started paying close attention to tattoo designs and drawing them, i wanted to tattoo. i did a lot of things from graffiti to abstract oil painting before it dawned on me to start seriously drawing my own tattoo designs. it's been the most fun i've ever had with any of my art and it's become my main focus and passion in li
  11. wow, this is amazing. do you have plans for california anytime soon?
  12. thanks! sorry for the late reply, i never check my messages on here.

  13. man, so true. i've been trying so hard to find "my" colors...all in due time i suppose.
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