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  1. Got this little guy from Dan Santoro, Bert Krak flash. Inside of the forearm 2-3 months healed.
  2. My Chad K Panther and Snake on the ankle (in the Panther's cheek you can see what can happen if you don't heal properly).
  3. Wow, just checked your images, those arms are amazing. Also really like how you are going with the carp motif all over. I love Rodrigo's work, I'm surprised his name doesn't get mentioned more often.
  4. I always love seeing the stuff you post, even if it's not the type of work I would get on myself. I think most of us here can at least appreciate good tattooing in all forms and nerd out on seeing people really dedicated to getting quality tattoos, regardless of style.
  5. The biggest problem here is people equating money and time. When Chad K covered the better part of my outer ankle with a panther and snake combo in less than 45 minutes...well let's just say I wasn't going to pay him 3/4ths of a standard hourly rate (nor would he have let me hahah).
  6. Getting my chest done by Capilli Tupou in September while he's guesting at Dan Smith's new shop. Beyond excited!
  7. Precisely...most of the good stuff is from LSTers anyways (like you). Regardless, I beg everyone to not mention LST on there!
  8. Not rolling my eyes at all, just saying that if these concepts had been done by a lesser artist they would perhaps be ethically questionable in my opinion. There is a certain responsibility and respect required when using and adapting certain source materials and these pieces push the envelope in terms of contemporary interpretation. But again, no beef with these at all.
  9. Here are two more of these that I can find readily on the internet... I would maybe roll my eyes at these if they weren't executed so fucking flawlessly. Really amazing tattoos. Facebook links, I hope that works.
  10. Honestly pain-wise my knee wasn't bad at all, really there aren't that many nerves on your kneecap. What irked me was feeling the needle constantly hitting bone and vibrating my skeleton, it's a weird sensation but not that painful compared to a lot of other spots. Behind the knee however...
  11. Hey can we see some pics of your left arm / other tattoos? I looked through your past posts and couldn't find anything. If I had to guess (and knowing you spent a lot of time with O'Donnell) I'd say that's a Hooper sleeve. I am gonna guess the girl and banner on the right is RH Wells, I feel like I have seen it before, not sure though. Obviously all your work looks fucking amazing!
  12. A CALL FOR CONTENT! Hey guys not sure where exactly to post this, didn't want to make a whole thread, but I am wanting to make a zine type thing about Roy Boy, one of the weirdest most eccentric characters I have come across in my tattooing fandom. I have seen a lot of cool videos featuring the dude on Occult Vibrations @ShawnPorter (which is what inspired the project) but am looking for more photos of tattoos and flash. If any of you have any resources or leads...send me a PM. Thanks!
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