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  1. I'm working on a tattoo with leaves and am trying to decide on the colors, I'm either going for a fall orange and yellow theme, or green. what are the advantages and disadvantages of each color?
  2. Hello everyone. I love Traditional Japanese tattoos and in designing one for myself I've been learning about the strict rules that they follow. So far i haven't found much online, though i did see some links in previous threads but they aren't specific enough. If anyone can answer these questions, or knows where to find the answers, I'm grateful for their help. Firstly, are there any masculine of feminine colors in tattoos? (I know that in general Japanese culture red is masculine, but I want to know about the tattoo symbolism specifically.) Secondly, I've been told that the main focus of the traditional style is the season it is set in. What i want to do is have three different tattoos on my upper body and i want to join them so it looks like one big piece, I'm curious it if is appropriate to have a spring tattoo joined to a fall tattoo that's joined to a summer tattoo, or if it needs to be one whole piece with the same theme all around. Aside from those specific questions i would love to hear any interesting rules or traditions of Japanese tattooing. Thank you for any knowledge you may give me.
  3. yep. can't wait to see what my guys face will look like when i say that to him. skin guru also has a nice ring to it.
  4. good points all. the tattooers i know are definitely old school, traditional tough older guys. and I've heard the comparison with it being a craft as opposed to an art style because of the limitations that skin or paper have. thank you for your response.
  5. Faolan


    This is late, but better than never. hah. My dad is totally awesome, really open minded and funny but looks tough as nails. Once a friend asked me if I'd ever seen anyone insult my dad's tattoos or treat him wrong because he had them and i told him "No, but if you'd even seen my dad you'd know why." He started getting them when he was really young and there are some he regrets, but he doesn't mind too much because at least I learned from his mistakes and he at least gets to be a role model to me where he didn't have one. I got a couple pictures of my tats. there you go.
  6. that was the first place i looked but i couldn't find a section with guides and aftercare. could you send me a link to that particular section?
  7. So i was in the other day getting a touch up and i started talking with my tattooer about how some people called them artists which started a conversation on how that got started, what defined an artist, and how they're compared to a tattooer. I thought I'd ask about what you guys think about the titles changing, tattooer to artist, parlor to studio, just opinions on how you feel about it. I'd love to hear what the tattooers/artists feel about this, what do you guys prefer and why? The tattooers at my parlor thought it was about giving it new names as tattoos became more acceptable to make it sound more nicer for a younger crowd, compared to when it was more of an outlaw thing to get a tat. Can't wait to hear what you guys think.
  8. I'm trying to find a website that has information on as many types of body modifications as possible, with articles about health, aftercare, risks, and basic knowledge on getting body modifications. Like tattoos, breast implants, sub-dermal silicon implants, piercings, scarification, branding, etc. and if it has guides to picking the right tattooer or parlor, things to look for to tell if it's sketchy or reliable that'd be really good. It's fine if it has a forum too as long as people don't need to sign up to access the information, but it's really important that it have guides, articles, and facts about several types of mods. If you could give me a link to the site, and if you want to include information about it yourself that's fine, I'd really appreciate it. thank you.
  9. thanks so much, i was looking in the wrong corner.
  10. I have a question to add on this too, thinking of getting one myself actually, so does anyone know if the direction of the dagger matters? I've seen one with the dagger pointed up with the tip sticking through its skull, or stabbed down through the top the skull and the tip through their jaw, and wondered if maybe there was a deeper meaning to it than just how it looked. I guess you can't sneak up on the animal if you're stabbing upwards, so to face it head on shows "bravery and honor". thanks!
  11. I've heard that the two styles of tattoos that last the longest are Japanese and Traditional Western, by this i mean they will retain their looks better than other styles like 3D portraits for example. I'm wondering if this is a myth, if there are other styles that are durable to the test of time, and what qualities in the tattoos design determines their longevity.
  12. People need to realize that not all artists are the same, some have specialties on certain styles, some just can't do other styles, and others can and it takes a lot of their talents. If they can't do it, or dislike doing it don't feel bad about finding someone else and coming to your artist with tattoos they love to do, and consider you may be taking up time they could be spending doing tattoos they like instead of working on your design. of course many are happy to do it but then you need to acknowledge their effort and talent and for goodness sake give them a damn good tip.
  13. It was discovered in http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/tattoo-after-care/327-tattooers-what-worst-thing-s-someone-can-do-tattoo.html that hydrogen peroxide can be used as a tattoo remover as long as it hasn't healed yet. to the point that apparently an artist mid-tattoo realized he made a mistake and tattooed the HP into the mistake making it disappear so the ink could be reapplied correctly later.
  14. They are called bunga terung, or the borneo rose. and that is especially ridiculous since there are so many traditional variations to choose from even of those little symbols and he didn't even change them. - - - Updated - - - i personally wouldn't consider it plagiarism, something that wasn't intended as a tattoo is a little different because it's like flash art; you get it knowing you will not be the only person with it. But if you have someone custom make you a tattoo so it's personal and you have something no one else has and then someone goes and copies it, without even asking permission, that takes the meaning of "personal" away and i consider that identity theft. To me it really depends on the intent behind the art, so i would get a Salvador Dali piece to show how much i love the artist, and if i liked a tattoo that someone else had custom designed for them I'd go to the tattoo artist who did it and pay them to design me something personal I'd end up liking even more.
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