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  12. thank you I am ashamed to be a human being....right now
  13. cant post it..image shack and I am beiong forced to write this reather than just delete
  14. second pic too big not computer savvy...sorry this aint about old machines but 32 tigers or less than 32 tigers makes me ashamed...billions of people 32 tigers..humans...fucked up
  15. These are a couple tigers I did this year...the reason I put them up here is because there are less than 32 tigers in the wild right now....no shit....I do not want to live in a world where there are no tigers....I do not want my grandkids to live in a world where there are no tigers...We as a community a professional community always seem to be able to pull things together...I give $ every month to "save the tigers" please you guys paint a tiger and sell it take the $$$ and search for "save the tigers" and donate the site has the letters wwf its tax deductable....I am not a big activist....I have never tried to champion a cause but this to me and hopefully you is important enough....I investigated where to put my meager donation and it seemed the best place...32 aint very many In fact they are saying maybe less than 32!!!!!!! Talk one of your customers into getting a tiger...take your P/c and DONATE!!!!!! If you are a tattoo collector than get a tiger tattooed on you and donate...don't get a tiger and donate...we always seem to come together when we need to help...well lets try to help this...again I have never done anything like this before...I aint trying to jump on some flag flying activist bandwagon... Anyway.....what the hell....like I said LESS THAN 32 OF THESE LEFT IN THE WILD......
  16. 60 bucks..full of stuff never published paypal [email protected] mention you got it here for free shipping
  17. Just wanted to drop a line and let youse know that the Penthouse article is on the newstands. It is in the july/august issue called th 6th annual BADASS issue. I hope everyone likes it,the next ones for penthouse are not tattoo related but indirectly everything in my life has been and is tattoo related.when Bob and I went to NYC last fall i tattooed one of the main editors at penthouse. It is about our history and the media/public , kind of a guide on why you shouldnt believe what you see on TV etc....I would reprint it here but they own it so whaddaya gonna do... Also Freddie Negrete s article is out in the new TAM. I have not seen it yet but I have heard it is good. With all the buzz about the black and grey movie coming out I am glad i got the interview done before the shitstorm that film is gonna cause. I am hoping the film will be good,I have had some contact with the directors as someone gave them my number, though i did not do the film( i did not feel like I had anything to contribute more than the people already in it) I did manage to get a someone i felt they had missed that were beyond important in the genesis of that all...I was really surprised they were not in it but THEY ARE NOW... Scott and my summer trip has been postponed til august but we are gonna interview "Rattlesnake Johnny" who was a nefarious tattooer for decades..He is now 70 but this guy led a crazy life,do any of you know him??? One quick johnny story he was working at a shop across the street from a friend of mine...he came in the friends shop asked if they had a baseball bat, borrowed it,about 5 minutes later cops were converging on the shop across the street,Johnny is led out in handcuffs, 3 days later he came into my friends shop and returned the bat.I guess someone took a walk in out of turn. I dont think TAM will want it,it has been harder and harder for me to get them to realize they are missing out on some great interviews I have done and Scott and I have done together, nonetheless I will tell you guys about the trip when i get back, we usually head south but this time we are Philly bound. Anyway sorry i dont have much to write about but i just wanted to stay in touch
  18. i was at work when i wrote this today so i forgot a few things......some interesting things were Tex would not let anything with the # 13 in his shop. So there was no #13 flash...no # 13 drawer,or set up etc....Jennie did a # 13 sheet upon Texs death in 1992...it is a copy of a crowe sheet..the one with the rebel flag draped reaper..i bought it from her because i thought that was too cool. also the bathrooms used to say "Men" and "Ann"(for the womens) I looked through their logbooks and like on one day it was panther, panther, Panther, eagle,devil with wings, dagger, panther , eagle, eagle, eagle, eagle it was just endless. people that see them at conventions may see their coleman machines and othr stuff they have. One of the frames they had I knew was a coleman but people had misidentified it as a Zies victory. Actually paul rogers had made Rollo a liner out of one of these frames and Paul told Mike it was a Coleman.I think perhaps Huck made the frames for coleman,because huck was close with coleman and stayed close until coleman drown.In fact there is a liteweight Coleman rebuilt for huck up at the Spaulding compound,I think we have a tendency to think of Coleman in the 20s 30s and 40s but he was around much later than that. though they closed him down in 1950 or 51. He went to work after a short retirement at the peaces shop in portsmouth. So ledann who remembers Coleman when he was a kid is one of the last living links to Coleman. Huck Spaulding is still alive but in no condition to talk anymore. As sailor jerry said in a letter to ed hardy if you wanted a coleman tattoo huck was the one you should go to...(not to get too sidetracked but Huck got a bad rap because of how open he was selling tattoo stuff but he pales in comparison with what people are doing today) most of the flash that was colemans that we see today has huck or pauls writing on the back that sez "this is colemans"...very few sheets were signed...i dont think he tripped on it too much as he made flash to sell designs not as fine art.we saw quite a few sheets Coleamn did while he worked at the peaces...(a few sheets can be bought if you contact me) We dug through boxes of acetates,alot celluloid, alot of Colemans grimshaws etc...It was amazing...I remeber thinking about when i got my first tattoo down at the pike 30 years ago the designs were very similar to the ones jennie was drawing with the magnifying glass and scott and i both said we would have picked from them years ago. Anyway just an added note this christmas eve
  19. So Scott Sterling and I went on another roadtrip. This time of year it is always to Inksmith and Rogers to stay with the Wilsonian Institute of Tattooing...ah..I mean Mike Wilson. Always a good time. But this trip was especially eye opening because we went to Augusta Georgia to Interview Jennie and Ledann Peace. The legacy of Tex and Ann Peace of Portsmith Va. Cap Coleman finished tattooing working for Tex and Ann and Scott and had met Jennie and Ledann last summer at the augusta convention we did with Mike and Angelo last year. Jennie has been tattooing since 1971 when Tex broke her in. It is a great story i will tell or rather she will tell in full detail in the interview,but the basics are she showed up to work instead of Ledann one day and asked Tex and Ann to teach her,Tex lined up some stewbums and said "free tattoos" she did 3 of those,then they went to half price,for three more then full price,she did 25 tattoos the first day and that was it...off and running. She still tattoos without caps on her machines basically because Tex told her they were useless,she also is a prolific flash painter, mostly colored pencil like Coleman and Paul, but Tex would circle the designs he wanted done out of the back of the Spaulding catalog and Jennie would use a magnifying glass, and they are just beautiful. It was almost like stepping into a time machine back to the early 80s...Really impressive,.......the state of tattooing is beyond tainted when it went from one shop in augusta to over 40 now...So sad...but she is still tattooing although the Peace Family shop closed earlier in the year after 40 years open,she is working at alliance ink now....You would be doing yourself a favor to get a tattoo from her,both Scott and I got one,using two supremes from 30 years ago. They had been working off acetates until about 3 years ago,when they went to the green bay convention and got hipped on thermofaxes...With so many kids now trying to be traditional tattooers it gets no more traditional then Jennie Peace. I will post some pics later..I am at the shop now and do not have the right cord to download from my phone. Of course Inksmith and Rogers are family so the trip they was great as always everyone working there is smokin,please watch for Eric Inksmiths interview in TAM, also Jennie and Ledann Peaces...I also have a great article coming out in Penthouse "The Penthouse Guide to picking a tattooer or how not to be a dummy hanging on the dummy rail" I tattooed the editor for penthouse on during my trip to NYC with Bob Roberts in october...they got weak and hired me to write one. Shot at 2011-12-24 Shot at 2011-12-24 Shot at 2011-12-24 Shot at 2011-12-24
  20. yes the stamps....i have two more that are arms..tattooed arms that Fowkes would make you or me business cards with 15 words for 4.00 for 100...I also got 4 machines ,his power supply ,tubes,a couple books(even a minature razor that was sharpened in an arc to shave arms with..etc..It is funny because 5 years ago a close friend of mine Terry stafford(and a smokin machine builder too) sent me pics of this stuff to identify...and I was lucky enough to get them,and give a generous price to another great guy graham...I had no idea what I would uncover...though i did already own 2 fowkes machines and I only knew Mike skivers to have one(though i am sure there are others floating around) what I have uncovered is just amazing...History tends to go from Captain cook to orielly and then jumps to waters...but we are finding out all kinds of people were building machines and selling supplies E.E. brown, Rebec,Fowkes, etc....there will be a shitload of this revealed soon ....I got a booklet in the stuff called "the art of tattooing in ancient and modern times"(sounds familiar) that fowkes wrote..it is the size of a deck of cards...and later found waters was selling the last of them in his 1923 catalog saying after they were gone there would be no more...amazing stuff...and i want to spill all the beans but i am working on a historical newsletter with a friend/collector that keeps me from saying more..FORGIVE ME
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