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save tigers

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These are a couple tigers I did this year...the reason I put them up here is because there are less than 32 tigers in the wild right shit....I do not want to live in a world where there are no tigers....I do not want my grandkids to live in a world where there are no tigers...We as a community a professional community always seem to be able to pull things together...I give $ every month to "save the tigers" please you guys paint a tiger and sell it take the $$$ and search for "save the tigers" and donate the site has the letters wwf its tax deductable....I am not a big activist....I have never tried to champion a cause but this to me and hopefully you is important enough....I investigated where to put my meager donation and it seemed the best place...32 aint very many In fact they are saying maybe less than 32!!!!!!! Talk one of your customers into getting a tiger...take your P/c and DONATE!!!!!! If you are a tattoo collector than get a tiger tattooed on you and donate...don't get a tiger and donate...we always seem to come together when we need to help...well lets try to help this...again I have never done anything like this before...I aint trying to jump on some flag flying activist bandwagon...

Anyway.....what the I said LESS THAN 32 OF THESE LEFT IN THE WILD......

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second pic too big not computer savvy...sorry this aint about old machines but 32 tigers or less than 32 tigers makes me ashamed...billions of people 32 tigers..humans...fucked up

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Man, that is really heart breaking. I'll see if we can get a tiger day together at the shop, this is definitely something I'd want to put a lot of money behind.

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32? The World Wildlife Foundation estimate is as few as 3,200..

Makes me sick of humans in general and proud to have one in my ditch.

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I have recently donated because of this post, Thanks for the reminder to participate in positive motions. I will be more mindful of income generated from the use of cat imagery and pay it forward once in awhile.

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