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    Hi, I'm a Italian girl living in London. I love tattoos, food, embroidery and walks in the woods.
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    Reading, walks in the countryside, embroidery, cooking
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  1. Hi! I'm quite new to the forum myself, I'm Italian (from Udine) and I love tattoos! Your first tattoo came out really nice, I've got one on my left shoulder and a full sleeve in progress on my right arm.
  2. Second session today went really well, all dragon's outline and flames and peonies outlines completed, next session will be background (clouds and wind bars) and maybe start coloring peonies. If anybody's interested I posted another 9 photos in my gallery
  3. Only 2 days to go till my next appointment with Brad Sims, another 4 hours on my dragon sleeve, cannot wait!!!!!!
  4. Thank you! I cannot wait for it to be completed too
  5. Thank you, only 20 days and I'll have another 4 hour session, will post pics
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