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  1. So this is my torso old school tattoo project. I would like to add a running greyhound which I would do in blue colour, would it fit? I hope there is enough space because there is the belly button in the middle. I would like to do it old school style, like bold not realist like in the image.
  2. The hat near the sternum was baaaad, all the rest was ok, I thought it was worse, I have tattoos on calf which surprisingly were worse, maybe because this one is not that big
  3. can I see the tattoo because I can't see it, I'm also getting some ink by Rudy soon
  4. Last tattoo I got in Brescia, Italy: Skull, flower and sun by Rafa Decraneo.
  5. Yeah... I guess tattoo is all about images circulation and taking examples and ideas from others and specific traditions or flash sheet from older artists. In this case it looks like they took the flash and just put it upside down. I guess that when you realize that someone has a tattoo like yours, you have that bitter sweet feeling of understanding that your piece must be good if someone got for himself the same, but at the same time you feel like: "daamn why did you do it so similar to mine, man!".
  6. Hi there, I recently had this woman tattooed on my calf by Dane Soos in Trieste (see second image with green flower). I was on instagram and found this tattoo posted by another italian tattoer just a couple of weeks after mine. I was just wondering if do you guys know if my tattoo is taken from an old school flash and so both took the image from the same source or if I might think that the design was copied? I'm not claiming that mine is an original tattoo at all, it is an absolute classic but when the similarity of details is so striking sometimes you just wonder if at least the two guys had the same inspriation or flash book. What do you guys think? Personally I like mine better, the other one looks like she has no eyes... J.
  7. Traditional woman-head in a spider web - by Dane Soos
  8. Thank you for your great responses, At the end I got this woman by Dane Soos, I took the hanging spider off in order to have more space for a future tattoo:
  9. I'm getting in 2 week a piece by Dane Soos at Inkamatic, Trieste. I posted about elsewhere but basically it's an old schol woman inside a sipder-web and a spider hanging from the web and a couple of flowers to balance the composition.
  10. Thanks, yeah one aspect I like most of tattoos is thei transformation and transmission troughout ages and meanings.
  11. Yeah, I know I can't find a cultural reference, but I was meaning, do you know if one of the famous old school tattoo masters have this particular design in their flash sheets? Like let's say if you see some design you can tell is from Sailor Jerry or Amund Dietzel, I was asking if in this sense, this design can be attributed to someone in particular!
  12. Yes, I was looking for something like this, I will add the spider hanging from the spiderweb and two flowers to balance the composition and make it look a little bit less, let's say "creepy". I'm really looking forward to this!
  13. I already have the appoinment and he did a quick sketch on paper just to see the size and the general composition, I already discussed with him the tattoo. Mine is more a cultural reference: who invented this design and where could I find images of this design. The only image similar to this is a tattoo I found by Olivia Dawn.
  14. Mine might be a stupid question, But I'm getting in less then a month an old school woman head surrounded by a spiderweb and a spider on my leg. I know this is a classic tattoo, but I'm wondering who created it first and where could I find example of it? I tried to look up for old school woman + spider web but couldn't find similar examples, all I found was a spider with a woman-head. Do you have any example of this design? thanks.
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