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  1. Yes as long as you don’t do it the few hours leading up to the tattoo it will be fine. Side note: maybe you aren’t moisturizing your arm enough while you are shaving it if you are getting bumps? Just trying to help. I used to do that
  2. Happens. I didn’t like my first tattoo either after a few years. What’s good about yours is there’s still plenty of ways you can make it cool. You could do stars/space above the sun and just expand the landscape a little bit to the sides. The more money you spend the better it will look...generally. Look for a reputable shop they will turn this baby out! I would add color too just my opinion
  3. When it comes down to it, plenty of people are going to love your tattoos and plenty of people are going to hate your tattoos. Some hate just because they are tattoos and some hate because of personal opinion. Always remember you got the tattoo bc YOU like it that’s all that matters.
  4. Just put more of a landscape around it, fill in the whole upper arm so you can’t see the diamond shape and make it one big landscape scene. It is not a bad tat people probably give you funny looks because a lot of times girls get the diamond shape landscapes.