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  1. Update: 4 weeks old, touching up in a couple days to help with some colour loss (oops) and the missing inch. The hair growing out didn't help with scabbing...
  2. Thank you for the kind words and advice! Yeah I figured that I really wanted an undercut tat (a good combination of easily hidden and also not in an nsfw spot) and only a day before started thinking that...maybe scalp tattoos are hard. And thank you! I might add to it anyway if I get bored of it in a few years. (Or shave more hair. Free canvas!)
  3. Thanks! I'll be good and upload a pic after it's healed for advice on if/how to improve it, but in the meantime, advice on how to deal with lots of coarse hair growing out of a sore wound is appreciated 😄
  4. My first tattoo was super fun, if not perfect. Both the tattoo artist and I missed a spot at the top left hand corner of the tattoo (the stencil didn't transfer fully), and I'm not sure it's entirely symmetrical or on straight, but I'm neither symmetrical nor straight so I guess it works. This is it fresh: And 48h after!