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  1. Thanks i hope so now its healwd a bit more the orange is really bright bit now im getting used to the intense colrs that are new to my sleeve
  2. Yea thanks mate i th8nk im starting to like it more now im gett8ng uesd to it being aprt of me now
  3. Hay guys first post here yeeww Well got my leg sleeve filled in a bit more color, the pics is 1 day old! and do not like the colors im thinking shouldve of got black and grey in my mind now In the tree and grave stones and now am peaking out so much!! I have alot of regret and anxiety about it Dont know why he did the gravestones blue very different aaahhhhhh!!!!!! I do really hate them and they just cant be changed color like paint now can they!!! There will be green the background hills with dust down the bottom and a night sky with a big moon What do you guys think!! And for further completion ideas too will be good to here from youse too itll be much appreciated to all comments Thanks lewi