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  1. Replying to my own topic, but I guess I may as well ask my question here. I’ve done plenty of my own research and I’ve scoured the forum, but I’m still interested in your insight. I had an 11-month healed and well-executed tattoo touched up 4.5 months ago. It had ink fallout on two little bits, but the artist (not the original) redid the entirety of the tattoo instead... for uniformity of colour, I presume, though I knew and know this wasn’t necessary. It is now raised throughout; some bits more than others... like Braille. She also inked an Old English tattoo on my thigh in the same sess
  2. Hey guys, I’m Nathan, 26 with an interest in black and grey. I’m from the UK, but I’m backpacking in Australia. I appreciate quite new style tattooing, like those by _mfox, but I can and do appreciate all types of work when well-done. I am also undergoing tattoo removal, so shoot me any questions regarding that if you wish. I have a few questions regarding tattoo health, which is why I joined the forum. Easy, and hope y’all are well.
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