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    Gittin old fast. Damn. still busted.
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    I dig stuff people make.
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    Tattooer/sign paintin/artist

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  1. Ive been livin in Alabama fer bout 6yrs now. Doin the elevator thing, you know. Im OK. works real bad, the economy sucks right now.Gettin tired of the company man shit again. Painting more than tattooing, but still keepin my chops up. I did the first house fly Ive ever done on my girlfriend "Shannan" the other day. Its still fun. Im glad I still exist, sometimes i wonder, Ive had some lonely times. Im diggin the site,beautiful. Im finding it a nice place for those that know,you know. Sometimes i talk to younger tattooers that dont know who GTC is. Not good ,I think charlie's history is very important. gangster style,fine line in a shop, he did it. But he's a hard man to corner. Maybe get Nick to help you. you know what I mean. or maybe Martin. Anyways your still beautiful. oh yeah, wheres Nate? Ever talk to Harold ,I do every once in a while. He tried to be an elevator man for a while. please keep in touch.