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  1. lets pretend i still look like this...
  2. flash is to tattooing as standards are to music, shapes and formulas, composition to leap from. Plagarism will always exist. Its part of cultural growth.
  3. thee fresh unhealed finger tattoo. googled. never a good example.but that's the trend. all day long.
  4. to me photorealism is a very specific genre of tattooing. This is the type of artist you need to find.. portfolios are very important. I feel like so many walk ins completely miss this point..That very few are diverse enough to pull off everything..
  5. he's in amsterdam now I think.....If you see him tell him Shannon said hey...
  6. hhmmmm....Bill Salmon , GTC ,Martin Robson ,PJ English, Fip Buchanan, cant remember his name at Doc Webbs(no gloves) 88'ish.....and yeah I think freddy C started right around that time. I started in 89'....
  7. ASI Tattoo in Salt lake City is in need of an experienced piercer....1136 S.South St. SLC Utah 84111 801 355 1181 ask for Don....
  8. years ago I had tattooed a few different developmentally challenged people, and at first its a little different and odd,but after your done they always seemed more happy and satisfied than your usual customer. Tattoo's can and do bond us together in many different ways. these "special needs" people need to feel special and ok , just like everyone. I have also tattooed a few physically challenged people ,who have passed a long time ago , they to deserved that same respect, to feel special and ok.
  9. wow that's quite a question.....perseverence from an early age.....tattooing is not a reason to start drawing in my opinion, drawing for the sake of drawing ,awesome....but I should hope that's not youre angle.
  10. I'll assume you're referring to GTC....When I started with him in 89 he was thee only game in town .....now its saturated...so F#ckin sad.
  11. he,s in Tracy CA now I believe......been there @ 5 yrs er somethin
  12. I am very afraid , is this where we're headed....I so want to beat his ass....
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