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  1. let me start by saying in no way am i planning on leaving the current shop i work for. i am finally in a shop with driven artists who have a wealth of knowledge and are always helpful when i need them. but with that being said i have been thinking about my future in this business and was wondering if the collective is the best way to go about being able to make a decent living while tattooing. im not trying to find a get rich quick scheme, but instead be able to take care of my family and not have the stresses of shop ownership. if someone can elaborate more on this i would be grateful thanks
  2. mario said it best. well better yet rollo did. but technically we are always wearing our uniforms. if we werent, then how come that nice meth head at wal mart at 3 in the mornin asks if we do tats??
  3. I can understand both schools of thought when parting ways. If you are shop that gets pretty booked out I can see wanting a fair amount of notice. In a walk in shop I can see tattooers not wanting to send work the way of a tattooer who is leaving in two weeks so might as well just leave today but I think it all depends on how much you like that person too. word!!
  4. u guys helped me immensely. good lookin out everybody. just saved me alotta web work.
  5. I hope this is the right place to post this. i wanna have my first prints ever made for the houston body art expo in september. im curious to know a few things. 1. best paper to use. 2. best sight to order from. 3. is there a particular format i need to know beacuse i checked got print.com and there was to no format for tattoo prints for sale at conventions haha! please any help would be beneficial. P.s. at got print.com i did get 5000 double sided gloss cards for 50 bucks plus shipping. not fuckin bad!!
  6. i almost wanna say a weeks notice. only because two weeks to a month means more opportunities to develop potentially life long clients that could of been theirs. maybe im wrong but its definatley a case by case sitcheeayshunn.
  7. this isnt a slang term but i thought it was funny when a guy came in and "hey !, How much for sleeves?!...........FREESTYLE!!
  8. steven kissinger

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    unsure if i put this in the right place!!
  9. Im steven from houston texas. i tattoo at belladonna tattoo company. cruisin the forums for a while and im diggin what i see. hopefully we can offer each other constructive criticizm and build with one another. always down to travel and lookin to meet liked minded individuals!!
  10. are those tree frog eyes? thats dope.
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