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  1. There is some blowout very minimal in the second picture you posted, the rest of it looks like very poor shading technique looks like they were trying to go for a very peppery type of shading to diffuse the edges but haven't quite gotten that down yet. Was this done in a legitimate shop?
  2. Thanks everyone, I'm looking forward to posting more as I get it all finished up!
  3. 18x24 Collins inspired,
  4. That's one awesome looking pup!
  5. My name is Jordan Lilly, I am a tattooer at Darkstar Tattoo in Westport, Massachusetts. Before I moved to Mass last fall I was tattooing at Classic Tattoo AZ with Shane Jay who really had a profound influence on me. I am so thankful for everything that tattooing has bestowed upon me, I only hope I can do it justice while she will have me. Now to figure out how this whole forum works, in the mean time you can check out my tattoos and paintings on instagram @GORDO_TATTOOER. Feel free to ask me any questions.
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