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  1. Its sad that far too many tattooers and people involved with this "industry" have no idea about our history or could careless to learn it. What and where would we be without all that came before? No where and nothing...
  2. I completely agree with @gougetheeyes and Stewart articulated it perfect. If you live the craft and respect everything involved with it, as a tattooer you would want to be tattooed. For learning, supporting tradition and respect. To compare a surgeon and tattooer is just retarded.
  3. Freestyle..the worst. Im not sure if anyone else has experience with this word or if it is a southern thing. Thrown around with other lovely terms like gunz and " I gotz this one from my boyz house". So people come in asking who the best freestyle artist is or if you can do some freestyle on them. Usually gets a lot of blank looks from everyone, then they proceed to say "yeah just do whatever you want, make it cool". Which is usually followed up with "dem gunz expensive"? freestyle...ummm no.
  4. Have massive respect for Grime and anyone that is driven to push themselves constantly, hell we are always our own worst critics. That keeps you humble and not buying the bullshit people try to feed you.
  5. Lurking sounds just dirty. Im an artist working in atlanta for now. Ive been tattooed by Kris Stencil, Bart Bingham, Eric Carlson, Ryan Rogers, Phil Colvin, Brian Brenner and many others.
  6. TheCursed

    thank you

    Been lurking for sometime so instead of just digesting its time to try to contribute. I appreciate the knowledge and opinions that are offered here. thanks
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