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  1. i think this is a good advice ,, go look 3 or 4 different tattooers so maybe u can find what u have in mind!
  2. tdaniel piece owe this flash sheet.
  3. macheteloko


    yellow rose with a dimind
  4. sweet and very natural!
  5. i here is my list :) I GOT TATTOOED BY: dr lakra douglas hardy mario desa nick collela ben grillo el brad mariachi diego garcia antonio salgado goethe espi ernesto romero david dettloff brandon holt zak kinsey dan kytola kiki platas antonio serrano kandy everett carlos montiel ricardo antolin oso fraktal flako karroña and my son SOLIN SANTIAGO.
  6. thank you for accepting my self in this forum. ps: this is gonna be funnnn:)
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