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  1. Her decision making is obviously poor.

    She will be laughed at and looked down upon for the rest of her life.

    As a professional artist with some integrity she should be advised by the artist (which she was,apparently) ..

    But ,then to say,‘ok ,lets do it ,that’s what you want ‘is straight down for the dollar,no matter the outcome,no worries for a fellow human.

    Just a straight drug dealer attitude ‘they’ll get it from someone else,I lose out‘….’she’ll go next door and get it done badly’

    In this situation ,who cares if its done badly ,it’s typical of a cheap bong shop/tattoo party scratcher studio .

    Professional tattooers wouldn’t touch it as they love and respect the craft and don’t need to sensationalise and damage it.

    Professional tattooers understand there are people not thinking straight walking through the door every day,a professional assesses the situation.

    A good professional is busy and and does not need to make a quick buck with blood on their hands.

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