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    just a tattoo collecter and all around good guy
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    bay area, califas
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    classic cars, drawing, painting, assemblage, swap meets, pinball arcades,
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    shop guy @ stay true tattoo, dublin, ca

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  1. hey, really great interview with juan. the questions were spot on and juan has some awesome stories, also dug the bob roberts review. keep it up...see ya next week.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for joining us! We have a lot of great shit coming soon, just be a little patient....

    Haven't seen you for so long, how are you?



  3. gosh i started about ten years ago so here it is...i'm just a collecter chummy stash hector fong karl fisher freddy corbin bill loika dave gibson jeff rassier jef whitehead tim lehi steve boltz bryan randolph richard stell grime jill bonny tim hendricks ed hardy daniel albrigo klem scott sylvia bert krak nick colella derrick snodgrass jason mcaffe nate abbott rob ullam mike lucena dan wysuph chad koeplinger oliver peck chris garver eddie deutsche ryan groebler sean perkinson rye gregg geo rogers olmy rob hostetter