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  1. I just recently went to the doctor and he told me I had allergic dermatitis. I was wondering if it would go away? And how long will it take? I was prescribed prednisone, hydroxyzine and pepcid? Anyone know why he would prescribe pepcid?
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    Thanks. I've had for 3 days so I'm hoping it goes away soon. It's my 5th tattoo but my first time using aquaphor.
  3. BeautyQueen


    Thanks. I went to the dr and he prescribed me prednisone, hydroxyzine and pepcid. Is it safe to take hydroxyzine with pepcid at the same time?
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    Hi I'm new to this site. So I got a tattoo about 2 weeks ago and now I have a red rash around it and it itches. I went to the er just to make sure everything was fine and they told me I had allergic dermatitis. I think I'm allergic to aquaphor because it happened to my other tattoo on my wrist that I got 3 weeks ago but the rash went away. Anyways my question is will the allergic dermatitis go away from the tattoo on my ankle???