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  1. Knees are no joke, Chad did one of mine a couple weeks ago and I'm still healing slowly, took a week off work for the swelling and I was still limping around by the time I went back to my job.

    I know a few girls who had BOTH knees done in one session. I thought I was brave for getting mine done in one go, but one of these girls was on holiday at the time so was walking around after getting TWO knee tattoos!

  2. Okay, well both of my parents have tattoos (albeit small ones and only two each). They know about all my tattoos, and I tell them before I get the actual tattoos. My dad couldn't care less, I could be covered in tattoos and I don't really think he'd have an issue. My mum, however, thinks that women should have "small" and "delicate" tattoos, and keeps asking when I'll stop getting them. She does a massive sigh and eye roll every time I tell her I'm getting a new one, but a lot of the times she ends up liking the actual tattoo. I think she just wishes they weren't on me haha

  3. Hi guys,

    I'm Becca. I've been reading threads on here for ages but finally decided to make an account. I currently only have 7 tattoos, but my aim at the moment is to fill my legs (and save for a back piece).

    It'll be nice to actually talk to people now!

    My latest tattoo was done by Alex Strangler when she guested in Liverpool.