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  1. Don't quite get all the hate. Not all tattoos are there for someone else to look at them. The above one is ridiculous tho
  2. Wow guys, thanks for all the answers. Yeah, the more i think about it, it seems the best option is to go and have Peter do it himself. @byzantine recommended doing it in a day, but surely that's not enough time to design and implement a medium size (shoulder) tattoo? I always thought about it as a process that takes several sessions. Am i overestimating it?
  3. Hey guys and girls, noob here looking to get his first tattoo I've been lurking around here for some time, taking in your experiences and advices. I've checked out many of the artists you recommended, and found that i really like the nordic tribal style of Peter Madsen https://www.instagram.com/blackhandnomad/?hl=en What is your opinion on me showing some of Peters art to a local tattoo artist to get something similar done? Would that be considered offensive to the artist? I am located in Croatia, and, while there are some excellent artists here, most of them don't have a
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