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  1. I agree - very good point. plus @suburbanxcore suggested some good keywords/terms to use - I seriously did know what to say and how to describe if I were to go to the shop and thought I'd do my homework beforehand. Thanks again, guys!!
  2. Thanks for the suggesting on what key words to use! Yeah, here in Chicago we have tons of tattoo shops and tattoo artists, I already looked through bunch of portfolios (that are on the web). Ironically, most of the images in the portfolios that I have seen are all done with darker themes and they tend to fill with ink every single inch of the area. It is not my intention to offend anyone and it is just an opinion of a newbie, but I sort of get the feeling that most of the tattoos in Chicago are done through two steps : 1) cover entire area with ink (as a background) 2) work with that background and create some images out of it. so the result is: many tattoos appear as a huge splatter of paint, dull, and all 'grey-scaled to a single major color' and then you have to spend 10 minutes trying to figure what the actual art on it is. this is definitely not the case here - you see details right away and everything is in focus etc
  3. I am just curious why you did not mention Insight Studios?
  4. so is there any name for this technique/style ? is it called HD traditional style? What do you recommend I say to an artist?
  5. Sorry for a delay. Attached are the sample photos of what I would call 'crisp tattoo' that I could find. I actually found them from the Gallery on here so huge thank you goes to people that shared them here. if you look at the flower tattoo, you will see that the resolution is very good, edges are sharp, no color is bleeding/mixing in am undesirable way.. overall it looks very appealing. The color pallete is just right. also same can be said about the other tattoo as well. Is this some HD tattoo technique art or some multiple needle art or there is some new tattooing equipment that does this? Thanks guys!!
  6. that is a great idea! I will look on the internet tonight for sample images and update my post either tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I want to get my first tattoo and get it right; hence this question (might be very simple question for many tattoo artists) I have been seeing that some people have really well defined tattoos. - the tattoos have borders that are sharp and not blurry, ie the boundary where skin begins and tattoo start is well defined. However the tattoo is not some photographic image or anything like that. - No ink color is overpowering the other and no color really bleeding into another. - all features of an image in the tattoo are crips and well defined. - it almost looks real, but it is not a photo - and it is not image that has uses shades to create a 3D impression I called to bunch of tattoo shops and all are saying: yes sure we can do that. However my hunch is they either do not understand what I describe (as I do not really know how to describe what I saw) or want the business or a little bit of both. I live in Chicago (tons of people with tattoos here) and out of many tattoos I've only seen a few are what I am describing here. I think it is some style/technique and of course the skill level of a tattoo artist. Anyone knows what such style/technique is called that creates such crisp tattoos? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I just signed up... First I want to say hello to everybody... Second, I have a question regarding tattoos that I would like to post in General Discussion. However, I cannt seem to figure out how to post in the General Discussion forum. All of forums are disabled in 'Create' option except this one. Any advice? Thanks,