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  1. We are about 13 hours in to this one. Probably another 4 today. I'm not looking forward to the itching!!
  2. Further on this girl. Today was pretty rough for me. Shading is harder than the outline. More tomorrow.
  3. @thewitchhunter haha thanks! Craig Gardyan from Grim Tattoo in Philadelphia is doing this piece. And yes, Ive been laser removing two other tattoos for a few years and doing a full back piece to cover them up. The session wasnt as rough as the itching is now!! Getting the tattoo was actually a breeze. I suspect the next session of shading will probably be a rough one.
  4. hayyy! Just had my first 7 hour session about 4 days ago on my back. Man, the butt cheek HURT! I could do the back all day though. I'd have to say the itching right now is definitely the hardest part of getting this large piece. Still have a few more long day ahead before this baby is complete.
  5. Hey y'all, I am brand new and just started the full back tattoo journey. I'm itchy but healing nicely. Here's a photo and wanted to chat with folks that are on a similar journey. Val