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  1. Hope it was clear =) English is only my second language. Conclusion : I don't personally think that this is an infection, I'd say "just wait and see" and let your skin breath ^^. But as I say, I'm no doctor ^^.
  2. Welcome ! I answered you in the "Is your tattoo infected and aftercare FAQ" topic ;)
  3. @Makmak: Your t shirt might have stuck to it because of the lymph. I never have lymph two days after a tattoo because I leave the plastic film during one full night, so everything (the ink surplus and the lymph) goes out faster. And you might have put too much cream on it. When people have difficulties to remove the plastic film or their clothes because they stuck to the tattoo, we advice to remove them under a lukewarm shower. It's normal to feel like you pulled the skin off. It's the "peeling" (I can't find another word in English. In France we call that "desquamation"). It's total
  4. Mym

    Hey !

    Thanks ! My first two choices are Jacob Rivera (https://www.instagram.com/blackbearwhiskey/)and Graham Niles https://www.instagram.com/graham_niles/) (both working in Denver I think) Other choices : Talley Matthew https://www.instagram.com/talleymatthew/ (Los Angeles) and Justin Olivier (New Orleans) https://www.instagram.com/justinoliviertattoo/ What do you think of their works, technically speaking ? I like blackwork, black and grey neo traditional, and gravure. Do you have any other artists in mind ? The most important thing to me is the healed aspect of the t
  5. Mym

    Hey !

    I'd like to get tattooed here in the US, do you know were and how I can create a topic to ask for advice in order to chose my artist (I guess in the "Tattoo advice" section) ? I already have a list of American artists whose work I appreciate, and I'd like to submit it to you
  6. Mym

    Hey !

    Thanks ;) !
  7. Hi every one ! Please let me know if I am not in the right section (I have not found out how to create a new topic). I am a French student in Madison, Wisconsin until mid May. And I would like to go to some tattoo conventions here in the US. So I am looking for some advice : which conventions would you recommend me ? Are some people here from Wisconsin, or Chicago, or another place in the area ? I'd like to travel for that purpose, would some people be willing to meet me at conventions thoughout the country ? I arrived just two weaks ago, so I'm a bit lost here, and I'd lo
  8. Mym

    Hey !

    Hello everyone =) I'm a French student, here in the US for 6 months. I am a fan of body modifications, I love the art and the culture related to those. I got four tattoos, big pieces, done by French artists (Easy Sacha from the Mystery Tattoo Club in Paris and Franck Baxter from the Viens Voir Maman shop in Rouen) A few piercings too. I also love sport and I am studying to work in the Nonprofit sector. Looking forward to meeting all of you on the forum =) And sorry in advance for my English !
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