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  1. I didn't mean for it to sound like I was implying it wouldn' be a good amount of work for the artist, I meant that it would be extra 5 minutes of drawing if I come in for a touch up for what I have right now. Also I didn't know that touchups are free so I definitely wasn't expecting it to be free! But thank you for your answer anyways, I was just freaking out a bit but everyone who I've talked to has said it looks fine. I probably will add to it later.
  2. Thank you everyone who replied. I think I was going through some post-tattoo anxiety
  3. Hi everyone! I am editing my initiation post because I have a question I really need answered. I just got my first tattoo yesterday of a bee and a floral wreath underneath it. I really liked the design when I saw it on paper and how it looked on me when I first got it done before wrapping it up. However, now the next day, after many many pictures and stare-downs in the mirror, I realized that the wreath shape is too square. It is making me dislike the tattoo and instead of feeling really happy and proud, I feel shy about it and don't want to show it to anyone. I'm trying not to get too bummed out because I think it can be easily fixed just by adding a few small details to make it look rounder. I drew some squiggles on my phone to show what I mean (pictures attached.) Obviously whatever the artist ends up drawing will look better! So my question is basically how do I go about this? Can I still contact my artist if her booking is now closed? Or does this count a touch up or rework? I think it will be literally 5 minutes of work. I also dont want to seem rude, and I feel bad because I obviously liked it and told the artist that I was really happy with it (cause at the time I was.) The two pictures are what my tattoo currently looks like (top) and a picture with my phone squiggles that I drew to make the wreath look more rounded. Tell me what you think! Advice very much appreciated!