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  1. loserintattooing

    My Intro & Studying Tattooing as a Hobby

    scratcher mentality, i guess!
  2. loserintattooing

    My Intro & Studying Tattooing as a Hobby

    Well, of course, it was to give an intro. But now, it's just to bother people like you >:)
  3. loserintattooing

    My Intro & Studying Tattooing as a Hobby

    I never asked anyone how to tattoo myself with an ebay kit. I just wrote an honest intro, albeit knowing that I would be called a scratcher and hated on. I get that the "Traditional" methodology is to get an apprenticeship, but hey, times change and you can't stop that. I went to college, got a degree, did an internship and worked my way up at a software company, AND YET there are still people who get 3 month certificates and can do the same exact thing as I did, but skip college (and paying for it too!). Maybe tattooers can relate to that. On the contrary, there's always the case where a self-taught tattooer is much better than some one who was an apprentice under a shitty artist. Yeah, I'm not a fool about infections. I'll take the course if I ever decide to tattoo another person. I probably wont tattoo anywhere but my upper thighs, and if I'm walking around the store with shorts that reveal that area, then being a scratcher is the least of my worries. ;)
  4. loserintattooing

    My Intro & Studying Tattooing as a Hobby

    That's offensive towards clowns! :o)
  5. loserintattooing

    Tattoo regret

    It's cause you have one black nipple now, huh? Just kiddin! I think it looks pretty cool and will lighten up with time.
  6. loserintattooing

    My Intro & Studying Tattooing as a Hobby

    Hi All, I've been getting tattooed for almost 10 years now. The past few years I've become deeply interested in american traditional for the culture and history surrounding the style. The first few years getting tattooed I was naive about what I wanted and who I wanted a tattoo from. I ended up with an unfinished sleeve due to the artist being a drug addict and my decision to not give him my business anymore. This caused me to really reconsider what I value in tattooing. I wouldn't say I regret my non-traditional tattoos, but they just make me stand by traditional values stronger. Recently, I've been toying with the idea of starting to tattoo myself. I spend my free time (I work full-time and can't apprentice) drawing traditional flash ideas that I would like to have. This probably sounds cliche and many of you are probably rolling your eyes, thinking there is yet another noob who wants to make scratchers on people without going through a true apprenticeship. I have been doing a lot of research about tattooing and understanding tattoo machines. I'm an engineer and really enjoy the design of coil machines. I started looking at tattoo kits to buy, and soon realized that it would be a mistake to buy these. With the knowledge I gathered from reading and watching videos, I found that I could build my own "starter kit" by buying everything individually and have the materials be higher quality. So, that's where I am now. I'm about to place my order. I plan on spending a while tuning my machine (I'm ordering some spare parts to play with) and practicing on practice skin and fruit. Most likely will never tattoo anyone but myself, and that's even if I feel comfortable enough doing solid tattoos on the practice skins. I am just hoping to study tattooing as a hobby and I hope that it can be accepted as long as I follow sanitary standards and keep learning. I love the LST interview videos, so thank you for those and thanks for reading!