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  1. Pggggt

    Tattoo regret

    Thank you all for your feedbacks (yeah that nipple was painful though...but not sure if I should have left it pink or not). So I guess it would be a shame to laser it bit, to fade it? Some parts are 3 months olds, some 4, some 6. Not sure if it's going to look less dark...
  2. Pggggt

    Tattoo regret

    Is this a question you have encounter yourself, SStu (and others)? Is it a common fear/regret, having the lines of the body hidden being the tattoos?
  3. Pggggt

    Tattoo regret

    thank you all for your feedbacks, it really helps me to slowly accept it. So you don't think it's odd looking, or that it's "hiding" my chest instead of decorate it?
  4. Pggggt

    Tattoo regret

    Thanks for your feedback! The artists did an amazing job, but my brain just doesn't adjust to it. It's only when it was finished that it hit me, 4x4 hours, and all this black. Thinking of going full upper body suit to balance all that. What would the best part to begin with, right arm or shoulders?
  5. Pggggt

    Tattoo regret

    Hi everybody (and sorry for the topic just before, I hadn't understand the working of the site). I had a big piece on my chest, and when it was finished I got a shock. Too big, too dark, I have real difficulties to accept it and think of laser removal (if this even possible) or cover-up (same??). But first of all, I wanted to have opinions on the piece and on how it integrate to my body, because I'm ashamed of it and haven't really show it to people. So, waiting for your feedbacks...
  6. Pggggt


    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I must post in initiation first?