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  1. Not sure how you feel about roses, but you could do a nice long (curvey) stemmed rose with the bloom just under the knee. The leaves would fill a lot of the gap on the way up, and most artists will just draw those on the skin and really fill it out. It would still be thin near the bottom though, so you could add a moth or something on either side of the ankle.. Or an all seeing eye down there like I did.
  2. Not the greatest pics but here's the ship on the back. Color fresh, outline and shading 2 weeks healed. Dagger is about 3 months healed.
  3. Outside of same leg... There's a tall ship on the back calf and a dagger rose down the shin. I'll try and see if I have good pics of those.. Jason did these too.
  4. Inner calf addition to a leg sleeve I just completed. Done by Jason Walstrom @ Seawolf in Minneapolis.
  5. Inner calf addition to a lower leg sleeve that is about 75% complete.