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  1. JaxMase

    Milky blotches?

    Thanks mate, I'll keep you guys posted. Appreciate the feedback.
  2. JaxMase

    Milky blotches?

    Yep- that's the plan, hoping it just heals well.
  3. JaxMase

    Milky blotches?

    Ok thanks for the tip Hogrider. It's neither dry or oily to be honest however I am still apply moisturizer. Maybe I'll just let it be for a bit, let the body do "it's thing"...
  4. JaxMase

    Milky blotches?

    Nah it’s not sore at all man. I used Bapanthan first now just QV cream. I’ll give that a go... Are you saying normal as in the white will go away with time?
  5. JaxMase

    Milky blotches?

    Hey Guys, Need some advice- 5 weeks post new tattoo (half sleeve) and majority is non colour however as you can see in my images where there is colour (white and pink) I have strong “Milk Blotching” if that’s what you would call it around the flowers! This was done overseas (3 day sit) and I am back home now so, can’t really go speak and show the artist face to face and discuss. I have been showing him images via email etc and he said it’s fine, it’s still healing... however I am very worried about it! Any professionals on here with their opinion would be really appreciated- thanks again 🙂