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    Will do thanks for reply
  2. Don't mean to hijack but curious if i scarred my tattoo. Got it two weeks ago. Had a thick scab off couple days ago and have this underneath. Its got like a bump to it and not flat like the rest of the tattoo. Any feedback would be great. http://imgur.com/a/3NlKpk7
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    http://imgur.com/a/3NlKpk7 This is one from today with the rest of the scab falling off.
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    Got my tattoo two weeks ago today. Couple of days ago a line of thick scab got caught against my shirt and came off. Now i have this line of red which looks like a scar. Its not flat even with the rest of the tattoo. Its got a bump to it. So basically what im asking did I create a scar on my tattoo? Any ways to treat this or am I screwed? Thanks http://imgur.com/gallery/rCBUGrZ
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