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    Both of my Tattoos have been done at Suncity Tattoos in Penticton BC. The Bumble Bee was tattooed by Alex Black

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  1. The shop that I go to usually has most of the equipment including needles before they start. The first time I got tattooed I asked a ton of questions about how it all worked. My tattooer was more than happy to explain their sanitation process before he started. It was great, totally put my mind at ease.
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    I haven't been a member of this site very long but I have learned so much already. It can be a lot of fun too. Welcome I think you will like it here
  3. sorry, forgot to ask if it's where white ink is that's mega scabby? My sister had heaps of issues with her white getting super thick scabs but it healed just fine... just took longer The only white used was to lighten the blue to give a more textured look to the wings. The scab is on the black too. I will try to stop stressing about it. I wanted to post a pick so people could see exactly what I was talking about. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I will post another pic when it finally done healing
  4. I have taken very good care of my foot tattoo. I have had other tattoos and none of them scabbed over like this one. I am now on week 3 of healing and the really thick scabs are coming off but I am very concerned about the look after they come off. I know that the color will look faded but this seems a bit extreme to me. Please help! Should it darken up some more over time or is it totally messed up? I followed my after care instructions and I have never had healing issues like this before.
  5. When I was a "plainskin" (no offence) people seemed to be generally surprised that I had no body art. I Guess my personality screamed tattoo. Now that I have them those same people are the ones asking "why did you get that?" "You know you're stuck with that for ever!?" Dammed if you do dammed if you don't....haha
  6. I have wanted tattoos for years but I had this overwhelming fear of getting something and then hating it 10yrs down the road. Two yrs ago I took my 77yr old Nanna on her dream trip to Hawaii. One day I took the afternoon alone and went on an adventure to find the royal birthing stones. All by myself surrounded by earth as red as blood dying my feet and rain clouds over head I found them. I sat down in awe of the whole scene when a small break came in the clouds. As the sunlight hit the stones it highlighted these petroglyph's of turtles etched deep in the stones. I can have what I ( as a non religious person) can call a purely spiritual moment. I cried like I have never cried before. By the end of experience I felt completley refeshed and more at peace than I have ever been at any other time in my life. As soon as I got home I got my first tattoo on my wrist. A turtle for each of us exactly like the ones I saw on the birthing stones, and a flower for the islands now so dear to my heart
  7. I am right there with you. I love my tattoos. They are not anything special to most people but they mean the world to me. Don't ever let anyone look down on you because you have placed your story and your character on your skin. I think that no matter how "simple", "boring" or "too mainstream" your ink is, it is special and unique to you. Own it and wear it proudly, those looking down on you are just jealous!!!
  8. I have a question about healing my foot tattoo. I am on week 2 of healing. My tattoo scabbed up really bad. The good news it that the scab are starting to cone off on their own. What I am concerned about is that as the scabs are coming off the ink underneath looks a little blurred. The lines are not as defined looking now. It is definitely not finished healing yet and has a ways further to go. Is this something that should correct itself as the healing continues? Should I be concerned?
  9. To be honest it is nothing too crazy. I want to get a pin up. I live in a fairly conservative area and I have a job where tattoos are ok if they are very small and "office appropriate". The problem is that the summers get very hot here so I can't wear long sleeves and pants all summer that's why on the thigh. I can't wear anything short enough to show her off at work so she will always be covered. We have a large senior population here.
  10. I was not trying to say that tattoos should never be seen...far from it. Between my husband and myself all of our tattoos are very much visible. What I was trying to state (very poorly) I suppose is that the subject matter of the tattoo and the location on your body should be taken into consideration. I am all for going against the grain and getting art on your skin that speeks to yourself and personality. I personally am not offended at all but what people put on themselves. I figure that even if I don't perhaps like it I'm not the one who has to wear it for the rest of my life so all the power to them. What I am trying to get at is that when getting a tattoo I feel the people should consider that it may offend the people around them, and for the sake of politeness should perhaps place the potentially offensive piece in a place that can be covered when the need arises. I have plans in the works right now for a piece that may be considered inappropriate by some people so I am planning to put it on my upper thigh so I can cover it easily if the situation calls for it.
  11. So here is my two cents. There are bad tattoos everywhere you look. At least they look bad to me. Here is my idea of what a bad tattoo is...... Poorly executed (blurred lines, poor shading). The I have no imagination (another butterfly on an ankle, more hipster lettering) The other thing I hate is grosse and evil tattoos. A tattoo can be very dark but not offensive. Would you want a devil arm in your daughters wedding photos? How about zombies covered in blood and flesh front and center at a public family event? Don't get me wrong some of the evil and grose work out there is amazing I just wish people would place them in more appropriate places. I don't let me niece and nephews watch horror films at there ages and I should have to have them subject to those kind of images at the local super market either.
  12. I did go back. My tattoo artist stated that my after was good but due to the location my body is having a harder time. He also sad that he may have over worked the area and that could cause some of the thicker scabbing. I am dry healing now on his instruction. It seems to be going ok. No infection and so far in the areas that have lifted there has been no loss of color. Keep your fingers cross it continues this way :-)
  13. Thanks I just got it done last week. Having a rough time healing though. It git a really thick scab that is just finally starting to sluff off. Hoping it doesn't take too much longer.
  14. I have found an Owl that I would love to get as soon as possible. Not sure if I want him on my upper arm or on my calf. Leaning towrds the calf as he is short and very round. Lots of color!!! He is a modern spin on the classic 60's and 70's style owl. So here is the question. I am in the process of healing my foot tatto right now and it has been a bit of a struggle. Some thick scabbing and sharp pains. It's not infected just taking its sweet time. How long should I wait before I get another piece on my lower legs?
  15. I posted a couple but I didn't put any of the shop info. I will try adding it.
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