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  1. This is a great question(s) and something I think fairly regularly about. In terms of my tattooing experience, I’m literally at zero as I’ve only just started this year (2013) and had 2 done. So my opinion probably doesn’t hold much weight! Though in saying that I’ve been heavily researching and reading about tattoo history for about 3 years prior, so I would like to think that I started out on the right path and didn’t have something done ‘for the sake of it’ before this year. My first tattoo is on my upper right arm and is a Doc King design, so I’d like to keep working on my right arm and g
  2. Hope everyone has a blast at London! I’m bummed I can’t make it down there, I was hoping to go on Sunday but can’t due to work and moving house. Looks like an amazing event, Being a complete newbie to conventions, I hadn’t realized how big a deal London actually is. There's some great photos being posted on instagram (I'm sure everyone's following them anyway!). I’ll definitely book up for the weekend next year! Will
  3. This is a great photo! What a bunch of guys…Such atmosphere in the photo too. Thanks for the heads up on the Facebook page, Will
  4. This topic has been a great morning read. Many of you are responsible for my shrieks of laughter in an otherwise quiet office! Having recently got my first tattoo, stupid questions have been kept to a minimum (as it’s not on show often and I don’t go shouting at people that I just got tattooed). My mom however is continuously disapproving and I often get ‘what will you do when you’re older?’ to which I answer ‘Don’t know, probably just wash it off’ to which I get a rather quizzical frown or puzzled look. I just like messing with her! Will
  5. Will


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I spent some time viewing the site last night and there is some fantastic information on here, looking forward to getting stuck in. The tattoo i mentioned above was done by Richie Clarke in Liverpool, England. A top guy! Will
  6. Will


    Hey folks, Just stumbled across the site whilst doing some research and it looks like a great community. I've just got my first tattoo recently, taken from one of the Doc King stencil books and I’m looking forward to adding some more to my body already. I’m very interested in tattoo history, particularly early to mid-twentieth century stuff (and tattooing in war time). Look forward to contributing to the forum, learning more about tattoo history and getting to know fellow members. Will
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