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    I began my tattoo career in 1998, originally mentored at Rainbow Body Art under Bob ‘Doc’ Murdock and then somewhat re-mentored by my good friend Lou Jacque. In January of 2008 I opened my first shop, Phoenix Ink Tattoo. I’ve been influenced by a multitude of artists including Lou Jacque, Joe Capobianco, Aaron Cain, Guy Aitchison, Carlos Torres, Josh Carlton, Shige, and Jeff Gogue. I also majored in illustration at Paier College of Art, and graphic design at Tunxis Community College. My preferred media (when I’m not working on skin) is colored pencil, charcoal or pen and ink. I have worked with acrylics and oils before as well, but my true hand is in pens and pencils. I love to tattoo portraits, the human figure, fantasy art, and organica, though I will tattoo whatever is required by the piece at hand. Over the past 11 years I’ve strived to learn as much and as often as I can. Whether it be technical knowledge of machines and equipment or new artistic styles and techniques. The more skill I acquire in all areas of art and tattooing, it will continue to benefit me and ultimately, or most importantly, my clients.
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    Plantsville, CT
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    Tattoo Artist/Shop Owner

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  1. Tattoo artist wanted. Phoenix Ink Tattoo is looking for a full time artist with 3 to 5 years experience, a well rounded portfolio of their tattoos and personal artwork, and an established clientele base. Contact Jay at the shop 860-426-1160 for details.

  2. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jay Phoenix I own and work at Phoenix Ink Tattoo in Plantsville, CT!
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