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  1. Thank you everyone, will probably do it it in more than one session. Appreciate all the advice ^.^ And I'm not covering it up, I'm adding on to it as I've lost more family members 🤙
  2. Hey all. I am having ink withdrawals haha as you know the ink thirst is real. I was looking at sitting a tapout tattoo session that's 9 hours. So I am currently planning on finishing my existing neck tattoo (maori/polynesian) and want it to run downwards on my chest area to right above my cleavage area. I know that theres alot of detail that goes into polynesian & Maori tattoos but I want to know realistically how big I can go or how much I can actually get covered with that much detail in a 9 hour time frame. I dont want to get to 9 hours tapout time and not be finished. Please help. Screenshot is an example of the area that I want covered. Other pic is of my existing neck tattoo.