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  1. I'm relieved that I'm not the only one thats had this. If you don't mind my asking, how long did it take yours to fully heal?
  2. Hi all! New here & I thought maybe I could get some advice? I got my 3rd tattoo on June 2nd, its a big thigh piece to match another one I got. It was a 7 hour session. My other one was 8. The day after I got it, it just wouldn't stop bleeding, and a few days later pieces of the ink started falling out 😞 Went to a doctor and turns out it was an infection, so I'm on topical & oral antibiotics now, and I've seen some more doctors for a second opinion. We still don't know how it got infected, as I was super careful with the aftercare & did everything the same as all my other tattoos (washing, ointments, clean sheets, staying out of the sun, etc.) But the thing is, I'm worried about the tattoo healing & being salvageable. After I started antibiotics, whole pieces of the tattooed skin started peeling off entirely & leaving just raw skin underneath with no ink. It looks like there's just holes in my leg 😢. I don't know what to think at this point, but it looks so dreadful. My tattoo artist said he will touch it up but I can't help but worry still. He's done all 3 of my pieces now and I totally trust him, he's very talented and reputable. The only thing is that he forgot that I'm allergic to latex, and it slipped my mind to mention it again so we only realized after the piece was done, but I can't imagine that would have caused such a bad reaction? Has anyone had something similar? Do you think it's still salvageable with a touch up? Is there something besides an infection here? I'd really appreciate some peace of mind with this, thank you! Attached the most recent photo of the tattoo & all its remaining gunk. Just a warning in advance.