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  1. McKenna

    Small Smell

    Ok, I wasn’t sure on it. And if I leave it be with the moisturizer, do I keep washing it with soap once a day like I normally do?
  2. McKenna

    Small Smell

    I’m just nervous of it drying out? It’s only been about 6 days since I’ve last got it worked on.
  3. McKenna

    Small Smell

    I’m currently working on my sleeve and I’m about halfway done with it. I noticed now that there’s a small smell on my tattoo. I can’t smell it from a distance and only can smell it when I get super close to my tattoo. I’m just concerned with the thought of an infection but I’ve done everything the same I have with my 7 other tattoos. I have no unusual pain with it and it isn’t red or inflamed. Just would like a little advice on what to do?