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  1. Hey y'all! I'm Tiff. I stumbled on this forum while looking to read about some experiences with neck/chest/throat tattoos. After clicking around a little bit, I have decided I am in the right place. I cannot wait to chat with some of you, read your stories, ask & answer some questions (if I'm knowledgeable on the topic), and gather ideas for unique pieces of body art. I have several tattoos (10+) and plan on adding to my collection as often as I can. I have been bouncing the idea around of getting a chest/throat/neck piece. It is a life changing decision and I want to make sure I am positive it is what I want before I take that leap. Best place to start is by doing my research, so here I am. Anyone have one of these tattoos? How has it effected your interactions with people around you? Your employment? Parent-Teacher conferences or interactions with your child's sport coach? What did your friends and family say BEFORE you had it done? Try to talk you out of it? I am well aware there are many negatives that come along with this type of body art, even though I find large feminine tattoos in this location to be absolutely beautiful. I am interesting in hearing your experiences. For reference, I am 31. Mother of 3 "older" children (elem & middle school age). I own/operate my own small business and plan on sticking with it for awhile, so employment is not currently an issue. I do have piercings, other ink, and my hair is usually some form of unnatural color. lol
  2. I do not have a full forearm piece yet but I did go for a consult. The artist quoted me $1200 for the black work (lower arm, wrap around) and that was just to start. He said the price would go up as we added color. I want a galaxy/space scene. We have not started yet. I know this artist does great work, I have 2 tattoos from him. One piece he did tattoo on me is on the smaller side, charged $200. I have a similar size tattoo (similar location also) from a different artist that I was only charged $60. You definitely pay more for quality work. Pics below...please don't rag on me too hard. I know the animal tattoo is bad. (It was impulsive, from a shop I didn't know anything about.) If it is quality artwork, I don't think you are getting ripped off. As long as you are happy, that's what matters! $200 artwork vs. $60 waste of prime ink real estate (trust me, if you don't think its bad in this photo, you should see it now after a few years. BAD BAD!)