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  1. rok21

    Saniderm question

    Ok thank you. I called the artist and he said I can take it off Thursday but not to wash or do anything to it until then.
  2. I got my tattoo touched up yesterday and was told to keep the Saniderm wrap on for five days. There’s a good amount of blood as you can see in the picture. Is this normal or should I try and wash it? Thanks!
  3. I got this tattoo back in November. I had it touched up in mid-December from the same artist and it still looks like this. You can see on the “N” that it almost looks like my skin is coming through the ink on the right side. Is it time to get it touched up for a third time but by a different artist? The missed ink is very noticeable. Thanks for your help!
  4. I recently got my tattoo touched up. Should I expect it to peel again? He pretty much touched up the entire tattoo. Thanks for your help!
  5. Forgot to mention, peeling stopped about a week ago.
  6. Hey everyone, I’ts been a little over 3 weeks since I got my wrist tattoo. As you can see in my picture there are some spots on the “Y” that almost look like you can see the skin underneath. Are these spots going to be blue like the rest in a few weeks or is this concerning? Thanks for your help.