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  1. Thanks, it really helped. No he is not friend like that, only a work friend. I nerver knew that people write qk instead of "kuk" in Sweden so it was quite a shock to me. But you guys are all right, it means something to me and the majority won't read it as a word and I have to stop thinking about what he said. The thing was that my mom and dad have not seen the tattoo so I was worried that they may missread it too.
  2. Hi! I just got myself a new tattoo for my mom and dad and I loved it until a colleague misread the tattoo. If you read it as a text and pronounce q and k together(qk, some people write like this when they dont want to write "kuk") it sounds like dick(kuk) in my language(swedish) and now i cant stop thinking about it. I have been having a lot of anxiety over this and now I am already thinking of doing a coverup if possible or remove it. Anyone else who have had a similar experience when someone misread your tattoo in a bad way?