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  1. Also have an appointment with meehow so I can make a final decision between the two. how much should I be designing vs letting the tattooist have some freedom? Best to go in with lots of ideas or better to discuss it with them and let it flow that way?
  2. Thanks guys, I agree and the rest of the sleeve will be pics. We just loved the meaning of those words so wanted it within the sleeve, where I’d leave to Bogdan. trying to debate what to represent on my arm and the relevant picture for it. i want scales or an egg timer (sand version) as we had to wait three years for us to have children. Conceived naturally a week before the dreaded ivf so it’s a big thing for us. Also scales would represent balance which again we believe in. i will want a portrait of my kids, just trying to decide on the pics with my wife. thinking of a bear or similar as I’m protective of my family. Would like flowers as some of the filler to represent Bali/thailand where we did our honeymoon. just trying to think of other symbols/pictures that could be used. any of you know of any cool ideas? I like different hence joining here and. It just searching google images where it’s all a bit samey and Mainstream.
  3. Hey guys, I have two tattoos, one is a simple tribal design based on angel wings which is on the top of my back, just below my neck line and the other is Roman numerals on my wrist. This is the date my wife and I shared our first kiss. I got it done on our first wedding anniversary. after 15 years of marriage and two girls (5/8) I now want to get a sleeve in black/grey realism that covers my family. I've been blessed to marry my best friend and I’d like something that when my wife, kids and I look at it, every part brings back a memory. I want this quote (not the tree design) and am booked in for a consultation with bacanu bogdan but keen to get ideas on what symbols or ideas you guys would suggest. I don’t want to do this and then realise I missed something off that would have been a great representation of an event. thanks