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  1. Thanks, that's given me a bit of peace of mind.
  2. Thanks. I've been keeping it elevated but the pain when I let it down again is excruciating.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm 53 years old and have been getting tattooed since I was 18. I recently went and had my 68th tattoo done by my regular tattooist. I sat for 7 hours, and had most of my calf done. He's done plenty of tattoos on me before, and sitting for 7 hours is nothing new to me. However, I really struggled with this one, especially the area nearest to the heel. I've never known a more painful tattoo, and nearly stopped him two or three times. But I got through it. Problem is, it's healed great at the top, but the bit nearest the heel is still leaking plasma 2 weeks later and is, well, mushy. And the pain is incredible, especially when I stand up. It feels like it's burning and stinging, even when at rest, and my foot and ankle are incredibly swollen. I've seen my doctor, who doesn't think it's infected because it's not hot or red, and I feel fine in myself, but has given me antibiotics just in case. I've been on them for four days now, and there's no difference. My tattooist is closed over the Christmas break. I'm at a loss as to why this tattoo is not healing and why it's so incredibly painful two weeks later?
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