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  1. That’s made me feel a lot better, I suppose it’s more noticeable to me as I’m looking at it everytime I walk past a mirror. I’m grateful for the feedback and will hopefully continue to heal okay 🙂
  2. Thank you for the advice, I know it has a little while to go on healing yet but just wanted to make sure it’s looking okay so far in the healing process 🙂 thank you I appreciate the reassurance!
  3. I’m just looking for advice to see if my tattoo is healing okay as I’m concerned about a part of the wing that looks ‘missing’. The part that looks missing is where the line from the edge of the wing should connect to main middle part. This tattoo is 2 and half weeks old, I currently use fragrance free moisturiser twice a day and clean it with antibacterial soap and cool water every morning. Just wondering if this part that’s missing will eventually peel and reveal the darker part again? I’ve been trying to read about the ‘milky’ stage of the healing process but it seems only that part is ‘milky’. I’m worried because I’m the last picture in particular, there appears to be a line where ink is missing?
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